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buy clomid online next day delivery uk

What is Clomid? / buy clomid online next day delivery uk

Clomid / where can is buy clomid online next day delivery uk and Clomid reactant Clomiphenum are recommended for treatment of women suffering from ovary dysfunction. The women who cannot conceive suffer from ovulation process disorder. There are two groups of patients suffering from ovulation problems. They are the patients suffering from polycystic ovary syndrom and the patients suffering from strange amenorrhea forms. It is necessary to prescribe Clomid after complete investigation of menstrual cycle and after determination of the reason of disorder.

During clomid treatment, medication intake time is of a great importance. It is necessary to do blood examination and to take body temperature to determine ovulation. It is necessary to take clomid if the fact of ovulation is established. Generally, clomid is prescribed to take the fifth day of menstrual cycle. Generlly, it is necessary to take clomid during 3-6 menstrual cycles. The medicine is not recommended for long-time treatment.

Mechanism of Action

Clomid is a potent medicine. However, right doses and short time treatment may help to cure atocia. Action of Clomiphenum simulates action of estrogens. It interacts with hypothalamus estrogen receptors to block these parts. At the same time, brain receives the signal about lack of the estrone hormone in the organism. That increases gonadotropin level for more ovary stimulation to elaborate estrogens. That causes synthesis of the hormone in both adrenal glands and ovaries. Increasing estrogen level is of a great importance for fertilization process.

Clomid Indications

Clomid is recommended to take for women suffering from ovary dysfunction. At that, there are the next requirements to be observed:

  • During this period, a woman should not be pregnant.
  • The woman should not suffer from ovarian cyst. Before treatment, every women should undergo medical ultrasound to exclute ovary enlargement.
  • The woman should not suffer from vaginal bleeding. When vaginal bleeding, woman should be examined completely to exclude cancer disease.
  • The test results should reveal normal liver work of patients.

The clomid treatment of women suffering from ovary dysfunction reveals good results. However, possibilities of the medicine during treatment of male infertility are still not studied rather well. In Europe and in USA, clomid is used for treatment of male infertility. As it is proved, clomid increases the luteinizing hormone level and the follicle-stimulating hormone level which increases amount of spermatozoons. However, there is a data about individual patient. Treatment took just some months. According to the reports about the different cases, treatment does not cause any side complications. However, there is an opinion that long-time Clomiphenum therapy may cause development of testis tumour and gynecomastia.

Many organic solvents such as spirit dissolve a big Clomiphenum molecule. Trisodium citrate is water soluble salt. Medicine has no any scent. Clomiphenum is produced as 50 mg pills.

Before clomid treatment, patients should get complete gynecological and endocrine disorder examination. Usual ovulation is in 5-10 days after beginning of taking of clomid. Sexual act should be at the same time with supposed ovulation period. Initial daily dose of Clomid should be 50 mg for 5 days. If ovulation does not begin, the dose should be increased.

Clomid Taking for Bodybilders

Both sports fans and professional sportsmen take clomid often. Athletes also take many medicines such as anabolic steroids, human chorionic gonadotrophins, tamoxifen, thyroid hormones, etc. Unlike other anabolic steroids or hormones, clomid does not reduce testosterone level. To the contrary, clomid increases luteinizing hormone level and testosterone level.

Almost all anabolic steroids have androgen and anabolic properties. Sometimes, anabolic steroids generate estrogens. Aromatase also convert steroids to female sexual hormones called estrogens. Estrogen causes development of gynecomastia of body-builders. Though body-builder like to show their bodies, nobody wants to show female breast. Therefore, clomid is used to block development of gynecomastia. When blocking estrogen receptor, it prevent development of gynecomastia, caused by anabolic steroids.

When clomid blocks brain estrogen receptors, hypothalamus increases the luteinizing hormone level and the follicle-stimulating hormone (releasing hormones level) increasing synthesis of sex hormones. Luteinizing hormones and follicle-stimulating hormone also influence on testis causing testosterone synthesis. Testosterone is a reason of additional impulse of sportsmen. Some body-builder take clomid just to get anabolic effect. Others combine it with other steroids and growth hormones.

Dose of Clomid for Body-Builder

It is necessary to take Clomid once a day. Body-builders suggest to take it separately or to combine it with anabolic steroids of low activity. Most body-builders take anabolic steroids during some months and then start to take clomid. Clomid causes a testosterone dash. It is still a question when it is necessary to start taking of clomid. However, according to recomendations, it is necessary to take clomid the 7-10th day after finished taking of steroid medicines.

Many sportsmen and body-builders take clomid but they take various doses. There are no any medical recommendations for body-builders to take the medicine. Experience has shown a dose. Many body-builders take 50-100 mg of Clomiphenum per day during two weeks. Many body-builders suggest to increase the dose up to 100 mg per day. It is not necessary to take clomid more than three weeks. Last body-builders determined such cyclicity. As physicians do not recommend body-builders to take clomid, it is very difficult to get medical advice about taking of the medicine. Anyway, if there are doubts about taking of clomid, it is possible to consult with the specialists about treatment of infertility because they know better an action of the medicine.

Exact duration of taking of clomid is unknown. There is no data about long-time treatment with the medicine. There is a general recommendation not to take long courses of clomid.

Clomid Side Effects / where can i buy clomid online next day delivery uk

Clomid is safe if taking necessary doses for a short time. Most side reactions caused by clomid are short term. They are over after its taking has been over.

There are the main side effects such as:

  • rush of blood to face
  • discomfort in stomach
  • sickness, vomiting
  • breast pain
  • headache
  • strange vaginal bleeding
  • general tiredness
  • loss of hair

Dysopsia / buy clomid online next day delivery uk

There is a dangerous side effect of clomid as it influences on the brain. When blocking estrogen hypothalamus receptors, clomid makes hypothalamus produce stimulating factors or hormones for pituitary gland to release gonadotropins. The pituitary gland is a small like pea gland, which is above optic nerves. The pituitary gland increases during hyperstimulation. That causes squeezing optical nerves. According to many reports, if the patients take clomid for a long time, their vision is worse.

There are also dysopsia symptoms such as under-eye circles, partial loss of vision, blurred image, lazy eyes, and flashes. Usually, such symptoms are after taking of clomid for a long time though some patients had these symptoms in 7-10 days of taking of the medicine. Often, these symptoms were sudden, that was very dangerous for the people who drive a car or various mechanisms. Generally, these visual changes were over after taking of medicine was over. For such disorders, it is necessary to stop to take medicine immediately and to consult an ophthalmologist.

Mood Changes

Mood changes are one more serious side effect. According to many reports, if the women take clomid for a long time, they suffer from various behavior problems. They are deep depression, irritability, trouble, or aggression. There were also cases of paranoia, anxiety, and insomnia.

Despite such complications, according to many clinical researches, just 1% of women who took clomid suffered from this kind of problems. There is no data about how many body-builders feel side effects.

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